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Thermocouple Submersible Cables Information

Posted by Admin on March, 27, 2012

There are a number of Power Cables specifically designed for every industry. Though each cable serves the same purpose i.e. transmission of power, depending upon the area of its application, there are variations in their make. One such cable is Submersible Cable that finds application in the depths of water. Also known as Marine Cable, Submersible Cable is mainly required for submersible pump that is usually installed deep in the water. Needless to say that each power cable must be fabricated with extreme accuracy, but given the underwater application of Submersible Cable, extra care has to be taken. Submersible Cable is specifically designed to resist the factors such as water pressure, moisture, etc. After reading this write-up you will know in details about the types, make and usage of such cables.

Thermocouple Submersible Cables
Some of the Submersible Cables are also popular as thermocouple cables as they are required for instrumentation purpose that involves measurement of temperature. Make of such cables is almost the same as of any other paired Instrumentation Cable except the material used. These types of cables are united with pyrometers and sense temperature. The conductors used in thermocouple cables come with thermo-electric (EMF) properties.

Make Of Submersible Cables
Given that Submersible Cables are purposefully designed for instrumentation as well as underwater application, the material used in their make is chosen on the same considerations. For instance, Submersible Cables used for instrumentation purpose are required to have thermo-electric properties and that is why materials such as Ethylene Propelene Rubber (EPR), Polychloroprene (PCP), Chloro-Sulphoneted Polyethelene (CSP), Ethylene Vinyle Acetate (EVA), Silicone, etc. are used in their make. Usage of these types of materials in the make of Submersible Cables ensures good conductivity as well as insulation. Besides, such Submersible Cables can resist high acid content and huge chunks of toxins found in the aquatic atmosphere. Regardless of their make, Submersible Cables can transmit nearly 600 volts of electrical current.

Industries That Require Submersible Cables:
As told earlier, Submersible Cables are mainly required for underwater power supply applications. In addition, these cables are also required for power generation and distribution in industries such as Chemical, Fertilizer, Engineering, etc.

Before you Buy Submersible Cables, one should get familiarized with the materials used in their make and should make sure whether they conform to the industry standards. One can also Buy Submersible Pump Cable by placing orders online as a number of Cable Manufacturers, nowadays, are registered online over different B2B portals.

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