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Electrical Power Cable - Submersible Cables LANStructural Cables Coaxial Cables PTFE Cables

Posted by Admin on March, 27, 2012

Can anyone imagine a day without electricity? Well, no one can imagine life without electricity and uninterrupted power supply is possible only from the best quality Electrical Power Cables. Electrical Power Cables are made joining two or more cables. There are varied Electrical Power Cables that find power supply applications in a number of industries. On the basis of their make and applications, the most commonly used Electrical Power Cables comprise of Armoured Cables, Welding Cables, XLPE Cables, Wind Power Cables, PVC Cables, Ship Wiring / Marine Cable, Silicone Rubber Cables and many others. Here, we will have brief discussion about some of these Electrical Power Cables.

PVC Cables:
Also called PVC insulated cables, PVC Cables are extensively used power cables. These cables are purposefully designed to survive sudden impact, fire hazards and cuts. The special properties of PVC Cables make them completely suitable for a number of domestic applications.

Control Cables:
Control Cables are required for power supply in various industries such as mining, military, construction, energy, automotive, telecommunications, etc. The cables are used to transmit power at low wattage. Besides, these types of power cable can endure solvents, chemicals and various other types of chemicals.

Submersible Pump Cables:
Submersible Pump Cables are also known as Ship Wiring / Marine Cables. These cables are required to transmit electricity to the submersible electronic devices such as pump. Their underwater application demands that they should have good resistivity against the factors like moisture, chemicals, abrasion, pressure, etc. Besides, Ship Wiring / Marine Cables should also have considerable flex life.

Welding Cables
Welding Cables are essentially required in numerous heavy-duty applications such as conveyor systems, assembly lines, welding machines, and likewise systems. These cables are tough and can survive tears, cuts and abrasion. In addition, Welding Cables have good properties to withstand industrial fluids, solvents, chemicals, etc.

Thermcouple Cables
Thermcouple Cables find application in numerous industries. Given the nature of their varied applications, Thermcouple Cables are fabricated in different formulations and grades. Their main application is in manufacturing units, various process plants, Radioisotope thermoelectric generators and thermopile radiation sensors.

Apart from the above mentioned Power Supply Cables, there are several other types required in a number of electrical applications. All the types are offered by Manufacturers of Submersible Cables in different grades, sizes and specifications.

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