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Armoured Cable: Design And Benefits

Posted by Admin on June, 08, 2012

Armoured Cable consists of intertwined electrical wires with flexible steel covering for mechanical protection. Commonly used for high voltage electrical supply, a typical Aromoured Cable is made up of following components; a conductor, an insulating material, bedding and armor. Each component in the Armoured Cable has its own specific role, such as:

  • The conducting wire is generally made of copper owing to its high electrical conductivity.
  • Cross-linked polyethylene is used as the insulating material in most of the Armoured Cables. The insulating layer acts as a physical barrier between the conducting wire and any external substance. This ensures safety.
  • Generally, Polyvinyl Chloride is used as the bedding and separates outer and inner layers of the cable.
  • The steel armor provides mechanical protection to Armoured Cables. Electrical Cables are used in rugged environment, thus armor plays an important role in their protection.

Available in various grades and specifications, Armoured Cables are widely preferred owing to the following specialties:

High Current Carrying Capacity
Armoured Cables are fabricated from quality copper. Copper is very good conductor of electricity and thus imparts high current carrying capacity to the Armoured Cables.

Low Electrical Resistance
An important parameter while selecting an Armoured Cable is the electrical resistance of its conductor. The lower the electrical resistance, the lesser is the power loss in the form of heat dissipation. Armoured Cables are made of copper that has very low electrical resistance thus they are suitable of excellent power supply.

Heat Resistant
Comprising of a number of protective layers, Armoured Cables are extremely resistant to heat. The Polyethylene insulation, PVC bedding and the steel armor enable the Armoured Cables to function smoothly in extreme temperatures.

Armoured Cables exhibit significant flexibility. They do not spring back and thus can be bent as per the requirement. The highly flexibility can be attributed partly to the characteristics of the components and partly to the manufacturing process.

Resistant To Corrosion
The steel armor of the Armoured Cables imparts them corrosion resistance properties. When the surface of the cables is exposed to moisture in the air, the steel armor forms a protective layer owing to its chromium content. This layer isolates the cable surface form harsh environment and prevents chemical reaction that could lead to corrosion.

Besides, Armoured Cables exhibit exceptional mechanical properties that make them perfect for a number of industrial uses in electrical wirings, cable troughs and ventilated cable ways.

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